InterWorx & WHMCS acct creation errors: themes

Hey guys,

I’ve just “discovered” that iworx themes with spaces in them do not work in WHMCS. WHMCS displays an error saying the theme does not exist. If the iworx theme is without spaces then account creation succeeds.

Has anyone else ran into this problem and know where the source of the problem is?


I’ve not seen it before, but spaces are (supposed to be) a no-no in the internal theme name anyway. I mean the title of the section in the manifest.txt file that describes the theme, not the actual name.

So, vanillaice, not “Vanilla Ice”.

Does WHMCS use the full name or something?

Thanks for the input. I apparently had forgotten/missed that little jewel of information. The actual theme name field is lowercase with no spaces. I’d tried every variation BUT that one.

As for WHMCS, it does not select. We key in the theme name ourselves. (Thus the human error.)