I am looking for ideas and solutions to making my as reliable as possible. I am a pretty knowledgeable guy in regards to Linux but not focused for any service specifically. I am setting up my latest Interworx server on a kimsufi 24G ( aka, however it will still be only one server. I am looking for solutions to make sure my websites stay up 24/7, or at least if the server goes down show a downtime page. I would like suggestions on my ideal solution:

Solution 1:

  • Setup SolusVM or a VM solution
  • Create VPS1: As the "Interworx Cluster Manager"
  • VPS2: As "Cluster Slave"

Solution 2:

  • One install of Interworx on server.
  • Use Cloudflare for DNS, SSL, and Downtime pages.
  • Turn Interworx into "Cluster Manager" if needs present themself, and purchase second server as Slave.


Really, I’d recommend the second of your solutions. Running a VPS cluster isn’t a sensible idea - In case of hardware error, your machine would still be knocked offline.

Good news, though. Shortly we will have Cloudflare integration via a plugin.

HA and Load Balancing are two different beasts. The load balancing that interworx offers is great, but isn’t really providing HA. I played with setting up heartbeat/corosync and interworx, and eventually gave up after it became clear that there were too many knobs inside interworx I simply didn’t know about. The standard solution after that is to go with a VM solution that offers HA, get a few frontend boxes and an iscsi or FC SAN, and have the VM hypervisor manage HA for you. Such solutions aren’t cheap, though - unfortunately they’re way out of the price range I was given to work within :frowning: