There is any way to make a complete backup of all the accounts in my interworx? I wanna make a backup in a secondary HD, if anyone know how to make a complete backup in any manner please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Soto88

each IW siteworx account could schedule a backup run and then rsync these to another drive or use SFT/FTP etc to backup to

You could also dump MySQL and /home directory and rync them - however, this may miss iworx db’s

we use R1soft backup so all server is captured

Many thanks



You can create scheduled full backups of all of the domains/SiteWorx accounts on the server using the ‘–domain all’ flag for ~iworx/bin/backup.pex.


~iworx/bin/backup.pex --domains all --backup-options all --output-dir /Backup --email

^that command would create a full backup of all domains and send the backups to a directory on my server named /Backup, and send a confirmation to my email. There are a lot of other options and flags, as well, and this can be added to a scheduled cron.

Here is some documentation about how to create scheduled backups from the command line, which also includes information as to how to set them to be sent to a remote server:…worx-accounts/