InteWorx Awstats "February" bug

After InterWorx switched to the “monthly” list for Awstats (used to be daily, which didn’t make much sense), February is broken. I see February 2010 in the list, but the report says it’s for “March 2010” with 0 stats. If the URL “date” parameter is changed from 100228 to 10027, it will show the correct information, but with the 28th day omitted.

If that’s not puzzling enough, 2008 (a leap year) will show February 2008 through day 29. However, non-leap years (except for the current year) are not listed at all. InterWorx does not even have a link to non-leap year February reports.

Any ideas?

Another customer reported this today. Has anyone had a chance to look at it, yet?


This is a tricky one - I’ll make sure it gets on our short list to check out.