Invalide licence


I was connecting and disconnected.

Now when I try to connect to nodeworx or siteworx I have a lic03 error : Corrupted licence

find a zip file with the html files


What do you mean by “I was connecting and disconnected.”?

Please send your server login information to, we’ll try to figure out why the license file is corrupt. Do you have any idea?


erfff really no idea :\

In fact I had a siteworx session open. I had let it for a long time, and when I have open a link, I was disconnected. When I have tried to reconnect I had this error

Now I receive a lot of mail saying :
./iworx.pex: line 4: /dev/null: Permission denied

ok I send you info server


We are facing same problem on a VPS system installed.
Not seen the license error, But received hundreds of emails with “./iworx.pex: line 4: /dev/null: Permission denied” matter and nodeworx not accessible.

Please provide solution.

Similar problem for me this morning (on stand-alone license running v. 3).

I had to re-start the box, was able to login and saw that Nodeworx was giving me an “Invalid license” banner and counting down from 30 minutes 'till lockout.

Hope that helps the Iworx staff in troubleshooting.


Hi JayBaen,

Which “similar problem” exactly did you have?

Pascal’s posts were back from the 2004 era, and I dare say I don’t remember what was going on back then. Iworx-good’s problem based on his support ticket appears to be that /dev/null was no longer the normal “device” it’s supposed to be, it got turned into a regular file somehow. There may be other problems also, but that’s the first thing that’s been discovered.


Yeah - that was a bit vague, eh?

I looked at the thread title, and the fact that there was a new post from early today and then that the Iworx license I have seems to be showing acting as if it’s invalid (which, I don’t believe it to be).

I’ll open a support ticket a bit later (when I’m able to get to the box in question).


–>This<-- may have been the problem I was mentioning here - though I didn’t end up having to do anything about it - it seems to have corrected itself.