IP Deny (.htaccess)

I wish to deny access to a number of IP addresses, through .htaccess.

I list those addresses in the ‘blocked host’ field as shown, and click on ‘Update’.
When the screen is refreshed, all of those entries have moved to the ‘trusted hosts’ field.

The resultant .htaccess file includes each of those addresses as an ‘Allow from’ entry.

Tried changing the top option to: Allow, then Deny and pasting the entries back in the deny field?

Thanks, I had tried that, with no difference except that the .htaccess file now reads:

BEGIN IWORX accesscontrol

Order allow,deny
Allow from

In the “settings” page (Server -> Settings) what’s the full version, including build number, that you’re running?

It should be similar to 4.2.0-263.



The installation was pre-configured on a VPS that I have through JaguarPC.

This was a confirmed bug, and was fixed in 4.2.0-260. The current version is 4.2.0-263.

Upgrading will fix the issue, and our apologies for the inconvenience.


Many thanks, I’ll open a support ticket with JaguarPC and ask them to upgrade.

Upgrade done.

Bug gone.

Thanks Tim.