IP showing used after site removed


We had a reseller whos account we closed down a few weeks ago and we removed all their SiteWorx accounts. Some of these were on dedicated IP’s. We naturally thought that removing the IP’s would mark them as unused in the IP Management page of Nodeworx. We now have a requirement to use one of those IP’s and cant as in the IP Management page it says [1 domains] and when clicking on it, to see which domains, all we get is: bogus_host_without_reverse_dns

Can someone shed some light on how to clear these. I have tried changing from dedicated -> shared -> dedicated but to no avail.

Where does it pick the 1 domains info up from? Apache? Are the config files still causing issue, I wonder?

Any help, greatly received.

Cheers :smiley:

Did you check the DNS Zones for the domains you deleted? If the zones still exist on the DNS Server > Zones page maybe that’s what’s causing it.

LOL! Now I need to remember what domains where on those IP’s… :wink:

Let me have a look. :slight_smile:

No domains in the DNS using those IP’s. Checked also with the internal DNS Database and it doesn’t exist as a target.

Only thing that may have an impact - we run iworx clustered DNS between two servers. Could the server that the issue is on, have issued the DNS Records to the listener, which also updates back to server A, and caused conflict?

I wouldn’t have thought so. Also, do you know where the IP usage stats are taken from? Cheers :slight_smile:

IP usage on the IP management page is determined from the output of:

httpd -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS

on the command line.



We have a ‘default’ 0000.conf file setup to pick up ip connections on shared IP’s. seems like one of our tech guys put it in for this dedicated IP.

Sorry for wasting time guys - thanks Socheat as your command helped debug the problem :slight_smile: