IPv6 address assigned to domain does not create the DNS AAAA record

I’m just now trying out IPv6 support in InterWorx v5.0.12. I created a new InterWorx account with the domain (hostname) subdomain.example.com. The Apache vhost for the account has the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, but the only DNS AAAA record created is ipv6.subdomain.example.com. Shouldn’t there be an AAAA record for subdomain.example.com as well?

The first time I used “Assign IP” to add the IPv6 address and got the missing AAAA result. When I tried it with adding it at the time the account is created it still didn’t create it.

Hi jimp

I am thinking perhaps if your ipv6 pool is not set correctly perhaps.

I could be wrong so I apologise but I’d be interested to know if you were able to:

Ping the ipv6 externally
Does it display a website if you reference your aaaa record in full I.e ipv6.subdomain.example.com

The reason I think this is because we had an issue on our system where a system upstream was giving ipv6 dhcp, which our system picked up, and I think there were 2 formats for ipv6 but you have not given the ipv6 address.

As I say though, I apologise if I’m wrong, it’s just a thought.

Many thanks


Hi Jimp

I am so sorry, I thought about this further and I realise I had entirely misunderstood what you were saying, sorry.

Please can you try the following and confirm if all is well as follows:

log into nodeworx, system services, DNS service, Zones, edit DNS Template, Add a New, select AAAA record, click Go, and in IPV6 Address entry box, type {ipv6} then click save. (please see picture).

This then should set a DNS record template for the record AAAA for domain, so any future creation will auto be set. Any previous domains setup, may need to be set manually.

If you could then test by creating a new domain and confirming if I creates as expected, and works as expected. I am sorry but we do not have any IPV6 ranges or addresses as yet, but we will for testing when we build our test cluster.

Once again, I am sorry for my misunderstanding, and I hope it helps.


John’s on the right track - the issue is that the template doesn’t have a AAAA record in it for just {domain}.

I don’t remember why we didn’t do that by default. I know we talked about it, and it appears we decided not to on purpose for some reason, but asking around, no one remembers why not :slight_smile:

I’m logging it as a bug/feature request.


Done and done - merge request was just submitted for review. Should be included in the next update.

Thanks guys. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t seeing the email notifications on this post. I appreciate the fix.