IPv6 Issue

I’ve got a ticket open, but it’s been 20 hours since I opened it (normally responses are pretty quick, so I figured something must be delaying things so thought I’d ask here while I wait).

I am trying to get IPv6 working on my new install. Interworx pulls the IPv6 information on install, but running the IPv6 status check says the gateway is not configured (Shows the default gateway as configured in IPV6_DEFAULTGW in the config file for the primary network controller).

All of the network routes say unreachable as well.

I can ping ipv6.google.com from within SSH on the server so I know IPv6 is working. When I add IPV6_DEFAULTGW to my ifcfg-venet0 I lose IPv6 connection completely (within SSH as well).

Hi staxed

I would send email to support-at-interworx-com but I’m sure it should not be long. Did you state when opening the ticket, you have turned on remote access as if not, it will be delayed until remote access is turned on and confirmed to IW.
It sounds as though you have set IPV6 in network, but I am surprised it stopped the network.
What IPV6 details were you given
Just a point re pingable on IPV6 for testing, I can ping IPV6 on our IPV4 network as we do not have any IPV6 CIDR yet, although we can have a IPV6 CIDR from datacentre.
Appreciate if you could update post when resolved
Many thanks

I’ve activated remote assistance and upated my ticket, thanks for that info.

SolusVM automatically generates all the networking files so they should have the correct information regarding my IPv6 allocation, so it’s weird to me that it isn’t working. I also really haven’t messed with IPv6 that much, so not sure exactly what to look for.

When I edit my ifcfg-venet0 file to include the default gateway, the result after running

service network restart

Shutting down interface venet0: [ OK ]
Shutting down loopback interface: [ OK ]
Bringing up loopback interface: [ OK ]
Bringing up interface venet0: WARN : [ipv6_add_route] ‘No route to host’ adding route ‘::/0’ via gateway ‘2604:180::1’ through device ‘venet0’
[ OK ]

I think it might just be an issue with strange networking on OpenVZ. I’m going to spin up a new VPS on KVM and give it a shot to see if that’s the issue. I realize why I always try to stay away from OpenVZ…forgot about the strange networking.