Is CatchAll really turned off?


On one of my sites(possible other customers) on an interworx server has catchall turned off. The field is left blank in the catchall config in siteworx.

However, I am still getting loads of spam to at

Could this be because of the email, is setup in the account for this site? As that email is the email address getting all of the spam.



I’m a little confused by your post. invaliduser mail is getting directed to myuser’s box, that much I understand but I don’t get your last point regarding myuser.


May be the spammers send mails to “ <>” so that at first glance it appears that the mails get sent to I was getting mails like this. (I even got spams delivered to loginname@servername.hostcompany.tld)

See the headers and watch for any “Delivered to” lines.

The address could be the actual target. Obviously the “myuser” part shouldn’t be guessable by spammers. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was initially thinking tiger but didn’t want to make the assumption :). If you have catch-alls off and mail to odd users is actually getting delivered then there’s something else up, but I’m assuming either this isn’t the case or I’m misunderstanding the original issue.


Yes catchall is off and im still getting email to odd users. I have setup the catchall to go to some inbox that i created and I am still getting email to odd users in regular accounts.

Its as if it catchall doesnt work at all.

Ok My catchall account has 995mb of spam in one week!

Can I create an account /dev/null or blackhole?

How can I direct an email to /dev/null so instead of bouncing hundreds of messages back it just absorbs them into /dev/null? Or blackhole.

Hi John,

If there is no catchall set, and “bounce” is set to “off”, then it should do just that, just absorb them and not bounce and not waste any disk space, they’ll just disappear. If your server isn’t doing this then something must be wrong, and a support ticket with the details so we can check it out may be in order.


If you are using catchall and want to trash any particular address(es) then, I think you can do the following:

In /home/siteworx_account/var/ , create a file named .qmail-info (if info is the address to trash) and put only the ‘#’ char in that file (A single # on a single line).

See posts #4 and #5 in thread

I submitted a ticket: JJA-654569


We will pleased to know what was the problem.

Merely a user interface problem. kipper3d was trying to remove the catch-all by simply deleting the email address in the catch-all field and clicking update (which is the intuitive, natural thing to do). However, it returned an error because “blank” is not a valid email address. :slight_smile:

The correct way, currently, to remove a catch-all address (set it back to empty), is to turn “bounce messages” on, and then off again. This will clear the “catch-all” field. Don’t worry, we’ll get this fixed so it’s clearer. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to GLOBALLY to turn catch-all off so no site can use it?

You can simply edit the SiteWorx template and remove the field. Look in ~iworx/siteworx/html/templates/TEMPLATENAME/email.php and look for:


The table beneath that header is the table that contains the bounce and catch-all toggles. Delete what you need, keep what you do. :slight_smile: