Is DKIM, SPF auto created when Siteworx account is created?

I am logged into NodeWorx as admin at freshly installed InterWorx . When I created an account, I noticed that after going to SiteWorx > DNS Records of that account I could see the DNS records but there was no SPF and DKIM.
So, I had to go to the SPF and DKIM section and create it manually. It worked but as you know not everyone is technical and might think that why are there mails always landing in spam of email.

I created a workaround for SPF.

As you can see in the above image at “System Services > DNS Server > Zones > DNS Template” We can edit the template and I added a manual SPF record that whenever SiteWorx account is created this template will be applied and we will have SPF automatically created. but i could not found workaround for DKIM.

Now, I have 2 questions.

  1. Is there any way that DKIM is also created automatically as soon as account is created.
  2. Is my method of adding SPF record fine or does this leaves room for bugs, If it is not a good solution then what is the correct way to do it.

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Muneeb Ahmed


There is a feature request on file to automatically create DKIM records, however I do not have an ETA or guarantee. I did bump it with the devs, though.

I think that should be fine for the SPF records.

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Thanks for the update.
Glad to know SPF workaround is okay.

Hi again–

I’m not certain from your post if you were able to create DKIM records or not, in general, so here is documentation on how to do so. It just can’t be done from the DNS Zones page for a generalized template–it has to be done per domain from SiteWorx at this time: How to: Manage DomainKeys — InterWorx documentation


I was able to do it from SiteWorx interface. I just wanted it to be created itself like the behavior we see in cPanel.


I find dkims a user function and on some instances a dkims must not be created on dns server

Eg if email is handled on a different third party service such as gmail or O365 etc… but dns is handled on the nodeworx server

Your spf could just me set to v=spf1 a mx -all or ~all

You could also add CAA and dmarc but I guess it depends upon how far you want to go as both have implications and like dkims, we find it best to leave as user function

Many thanks



Sorry, you mention emails going to spam, there are many reasons why emails may goto spam, and SPF and DKIMS if not created/used woudl not in themselves send emails to spam (a lot of domains do not have SPF and DKIMS records)

Have you correctly set the PTR record for the IP Address you use for mail server (this is usually in most cases the server FQDN IP address but could be different). If not, then you need to create it (usually it requires a request to your provider to create the PTR (RDNS) with your record wording eg. n.n.n.n my.mail.url) otherwise it coudl be rejected at source as a spam sender or be classed in SRBL’s etc…

Many thanks


Hi. @d2d4j
As per this article DKIM is authentication technique that use some encrypted headers to detect spoofed, or fake sender email addresses.
Is there any explanation on why DKIM should not be created on DNS server ?
To me DKIM and DNS server are two separate things. Please shine some light on this for me.

Yes. My Reverse DNS is same as my hostname and at my domain registrar I have A record that points to that server. So, all the things are correctly configured. Actually, I am able to solve this problem and I know each point related to this stuff but I just wanted the functionality that whenever a new account or domain is created. SPF and DKIM would be auto created as well, Just like cPanel.

Also, Please let me know why can’t I post links ? :sob: I have to make them look like code to bypass this check here.


“Is there any explanation on why DKIM should not be created on DNS server ?
To me DKIM and DNS server are two separate things. Please shine some light on this for me.”

The reason why some DKIMS should not be created on DNS server is because some mail platforms will check for DKIMS as well as SPF. So if DKIMS is created and exist, and email is handled on third party mail servers such as O365 but no DKIMS signing has been setup, then the email is classed as spam and should be rejected at source…

this is because the DKIMS record exists but the sending server has not signed the email with DKIMS

It is the same with Dmarc but Dmarc does not sign the mail, and as is the case with SPF, if wrongly set could cause mail source rejection at receiving mail server…

Have you adjusted your SPF to cover a and mx as these will give you better setup without having to include IP addresses etc… (a covers hosting and mx covers email)

Many thanks