Is there a way to use LetsEncrypt plugin for NodeWorx SSLs?

Just started to use LetsEncrypt on site and it works well, much quicker than doing standard SSL. Is there a way to do that with the NodeWorx SSL for InterWorx, mail, etc.?


Here you go:

To generate an LE cert for the hostname to use for system services (must be a domain that resolves to the server but is NOT a SiteWorx account): How to: Manage SSL Certificates For System Services — InterWorx documentation

To use the LE cert of a domain for system services: How to: Manage SSL Certificates For System Services — InterWorx documentation

As a note, all documentation can be found at, which redirects to the appendix link above.

Edit–each of those links goes to the respective section of the doc, for some reason the forum decided to just format the link preview as the article title each time.


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Thanks! I was close, but forgot about the […] button (still adjusting to the awesome new version).

Some notes while we are discussing this, the option text now shows “Update Service Certificates” instead of “Update All Services” as it shows in the docs.

Also, for the “To Generate System Service SSL Certificates using Let’s Encrypt” one, I’m a bit confused by the help text next to hostname on the form.

Domain doesn’t resolve to this server or belongs to a SiteWorx account.

I understand the does not belong to a SiteWorx account since you should use source Domain for that, but shouldn’t the domain resolve to the server? That’s how I have it now actually. Maybe I’m just reading that wrong?

To me it seems like it should read

Domain resolves to this server, but does not belong to a SiteWorx account


There is a bug report already on file to make that wording clearer.

Also re the button name, thanks I didn’t notice the wording changed on that button when I converted the IW6 doc to IW7.