Hi guys,

Im looking to implement an addon to my current AWSTATS but in order to do this i need to find the locate of the DirData in the AWSTATS config.

At the moment this is what is being used.

Id like to know where this is actually saved on the server.
If someone could give me a hand it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys once again :slight_smile:


For a given domain that ends up being /home/user/var/domain.com/stats/awstats


Hey Paul,

the file im trying to find is the one that looks like [y][y][y][y][m][m].domain.com.txt so it would be a txt file.

I have checked in awstats but they are all .html files. Would there be any other locations that interworx may keep data this data?

Thanks for your time once again.

Those files actually are in that directory, they’re just hard to see among all the .html files.

for example, do th is

ls /home/user/var/domain.com/stats/awstats/daily | grep txt


:slight_smile: thanks Paul

Once again, a savior!