Iworx-CP only for email accounts?

I’ve been asked to provide for a system to only handle email accounts.
Customers should be able to choose an email address from 500+ domains and should be able to buy one or several accounts at once, and to upgrade quota or add new email accounts to their existing one. The customers does not buy a domain account or webhosting, but only an email account…so a domain account in the system can have several different email accounts for different customers. Customers should also have access to a control panel handling spam settings and such for their email accounts

Now, I would love if Iworx-CP could handle this, except from signups and automatic creation of accounts and so on. For this I’m thinking of ModernBill.

Our requirements are as follows:

  1. Provide a signup form where customers can choose to buy 1 or several email accounts from 1 or several domains.

  2. Integrate payment method to Payflow Pro or Paypal.

  3. Create accounts automatically once payment is verified.

  4. Customers should be able to upgrade their quota, and add more email accounts to their “billing”-account

  5. Spam and virus control should be available to customers through the hosting control panel.

  6. Webmail and pop3 should be used for email access.

  7. Payment period should be yearly, with option on monthly.

Possible with Iworx-CP and i.e ModernBill?


The short answer is that it won’t work out of the box. InterWorx-CP doens’t have email only accounts and the “clients upgrade their own quota” isnt’ supported (by modernbill, via interworx).


Ok, thanks Chris.
I also got a reply from ModernBill were they stated just about the same.
To bad, I’ll have to look further. It seems that Plesk has the email account feature but it still looks like a hazzle to integrate signups from any billing app.