IWorx + NAT (on ESX)

After a while of not running IWorx on my current server, I’ve decided that I want to use it on my new server :smiley:

However, the new server is running VMware ESX, so the IWorx install will actually be one of many VMs behind a virtual firewall/router.

The IWorx box will have a bunch of private IP addresses; something like

I can put the IWorx VM onto the “outside” virtual switch, but I’d rather not do this if it can be avoided.

I can forward as many ports as necessary in the router VM to the IWorx VM, so I assume this won’t be a problem (with licensing etc), but I thought I’d just check first?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As long as the IPs are static (not DHCP) this shouldn’t cause any trouble with the licensing. My test box is actually a VM, set up similarly to what you describe.


Thanks Tim. What happens if the external IP(s) of the physical box change?

It shouldn’t be an issue once the license is activated. It would probably give you grief if you needed to re-activate the license for some reason, but you could open a support ticket and we’d iron that out for you.