IWX 7 - Broken expand/collapse list?


Yes it’s me again!

I just realised that a part of the UI seems to be broken :grimacing:

The expand/collapse in many list does nothing, but in some other places it works like intended…

No big deal, but I tougth it worth mentioning it :wink: Always nice to have a completly working UI

Broken places I found:

  • Nodeworx → Nodeworkx → Plugins
  • Nodeworx → Nodeworkx → Subscriptions
  • Nodeworx → Server → System Health
  • Nodeworx → Server → System IPs


  • Nodeworx → Server → Settings


Thanks for letting us know! Honestly, I’d never even noticed those little +/- icons, before, lol.

It looks like this may be browser specific, as well. On Firefox, they don’t work anywhere, not even the Settings page.

On Chrome, however, I can reproduce what you are seeing here, where they work on the Settings page, but nowhere else.

I know the dev who did the UI uses a Mac, so now I wonder how they may work or not on Safari.

I’ll make a bug report about that. Thanks again!

Also, as a note, it’s always a good idea to report bug stuff to support.interworx.com, just to make sure we see it. I try to check in here a few times a day, but I may miss topics here or there. :slight_smile:

Well… Me neither! So a quick fix could be to just remove them! :joy:

Sure! But I thought this was more like a very-ultra-extremely low priority bug, so I preferred to not cluttered you helpdesk :wink: