jailkit questions

I’ve had a Nodeworx server running for years, with jailkit on it, working great. I recently deployed two new servers with Nodeworx, and I’m having an issue with jailkit. Jailkit appears to be installed (the jk_… executables are there), but it doesn’t appear to have created a jail, and the jk_chrootsh is not available as an option for shell users.

I’ve already installed multiple domains on each of the servers. Is it possible to go back now, and create a jail, and move the existing domains to it, etc… ?


Larry Hiscock

Hi Larry

I hope you don’t mind, but if your jail kit is broken, or perhaps your indentifying a possible bug, I would open a support ticket and let IW have a look.

Also, as you have not given any details of your IW CP version used or your OS, I am wondering what errors are shown in your logs, if any but you may need to change the log level, which may point to the cause.

I would also think it would be possible to transfer your current domains etc to the jail, but I would only want to do this once the reason for the failure of jail was understood and fully corrected.

I hope you don’t mind my thoughts

Many thanks


I would highly recommend looking at CloudLinux.
CL have a system called ‘CageFS’ thats basically jailkit, with patched bugs and security holes. And it’s alot easier to setup and administrate.

It’s basically a fork of CentOS, and you can do a in-place migration to CL from centos, with only downtime being a reboot to load the new kernel.