Just a few questions (Log files / SMTP)

Question 1:

Log files are counting towards my users quotas. Held in /home/username/var these are getting pretty large.

Do these roll over and delete at the end of a month? Or will this keep growing?

Question 2:

SMTP LEVEL Mail virus scanning and Spam scanning are set to disabled and will not enable?

Thank you :smiley:

I don’t think log files should be counting towards their quota. You might need to run the varpermsfix.pex (not sure if thats the exact command to run so wait for someone else to confirm that)

Okay. Thanks. Anyone else?

What happenes when the log files get large?

Here is the permisions fix script to run:

/home/interworx/bin/varpermsfix.pex --siteworx=domain.tld

I do not run spam on the SMTP and also don’t recommend it since you have to scan a second time at the SiteWorx level to get the user settings and then can write double headers and uses more CPU, but Iworx has left that decision up to you.

Although I don’t personally think its a great idea (at least for me) it should be working so for that and the virus can issue you should just go ahead and open a support ticket. I think this happen to me and they were able to resolve it very quickly and you will want to do so because if thats off it might be blocking emails from being delivered on your server.

Iworx Helpdesk: https://www.interworx.com/support/helpdesk/

It still shows the used file space including the logs.

What happens to the logs when they get large/?

Can anyone else confirm that SMTP level virus scanning turns on?

The logs in /home/<user>/var/<domain>/logs/ do count towards the user’s quota. The error.log should always be rotated daily. The transfer.log will also be rotated daily. If the “save transfer logs” siteworx option is enabled, 7 days worth of transfer.log’s are compressed and kept around, and rotate away after 7 days.

SMTP level virus scanning should turn on. Check and see if you have a /var/qmail/control/simcontrol file or not, that may be the problem.


[QUOTE=IWorx-Paul;14445]The logs in /home/<user>/var/<domain>/logs/ do count towards the user’s quota.[/QUOTE]When is it that the logs are not reflected in the usage? I remember this coming up when I was moving servers?

/var/qmail/control/simcontrol: No such file or directory

How come my logs are counted then?