Just wondering...

I am thinking of doing a dual boot on my system, easy enough, but I am wondering, is there any software I can use on Linux to connect to the computer remotely, and have the GUI show, like on PC Anywhere or on XP the Remote connection. I need to be able to get to my files and my system from clients and when traveling, and if I forget to boot to windows, or rather stay in Linux is there a way to do this.

Not a big deal but if anyone knows would be wonderful to hear from you.

I use x.org with KDM starting at boot. You can then connect it to Xvnc, which fakes another machine asking for a remote login window. Then you can connect via VNC and get your local GUI just fine. I do that instead of using X to do this directly because VNC is easier to get installed on various machines.

Or you could just use SSH and do what you need to do via the shell? But if you like the GUI then I guess thats out

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[SIZE=2]CMI that sounds like it will work.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=2]Justec, I need the GUI so I can get t email, web sites, files and other resources fast and easy. I use shell to run my servers and what not, but for my desktop that just isn?t doable. [/SIZE]

Yeah, for desktop it’s much easier with the GUI unless you are a complete linux nerd :smiley: (I’m not :stuck_out_tongue: )

Neither am I but I have found that if you have the GUI you tend to depend on it and then when you HAVE to do it via ssh then you are stuck :slight_smile: