I am attempting to use the kickstart file to set up my box, but do not have access to a DHCP server. I entered all of my static ip info in the dialog boxes, but after some time, it reverted back to the normal CD install.

It would seem to be the case, but is a DHCP connection really required for this?


Can you post the full ks=“http://…” line that you are using when you kickstart? That will help us pinpoint the problem.


the full line is:
linux ks=


— I tested it on a different, DHCP’d box and everything worked fine. I just need a way to run this on my static IP’d box. It does say explicitly in the ks file to use DHCP, but one would think that there has to be a way around that.

Hi Jeremy,

No, DHCP isn’t strictly required to kickstart as you suspected. However, when it defaults back to the CD install, it usually because it couldn’t make the network connection for some reason.

Worst case you could do the normal Server CD install, and then follow the instructions here: