KVM VPS, Interworx, Cloudlinux, Litespeed, R1Soft, Cloudflare

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Just wonder any of you use the combination of KVM VPS + Interworx + Cloudlinux + Litespeed + R1Soft + Cloudflare, will they work fine? :slight_smile:

Hi shyuan

I can tell you we use cloudflare, which is excellent, it works lovely, and we have it on some siteworx hosts and also using dns of interworx cp, pushing it to some dedicated servers where the client want its use. A lot easier then installing on all servers.

KVM we use avocet kvmip, which works well as we have central login and also as a backup, we have dracs, but our servers are dell.

R1soft have changed, and I don’t think you can get r1soft now, and the new one is not incorporated yet in interworx, sorry the new name slips my mind sorry.

Vps interworx works well with, from what I’ve seen so far, and is as easy as if on a dedicated server, so long as you have the correct os installed, but I would suggest you set your vps to 8gb, because if you plan to use dkims/dk, you’ll need a little more ram, but this is my opinion and I’m sorry if I’m wrong or others do not agree sorry.

Lite speed, medfordite has posted re lite speed, but I’ve never used it sorry, but I have researched it a little, and to be honest, there’s 2 opinions for litespeed or varnish, and I’m more inclined to go with varnish if it were possible. Also, the cost to own litespeed is so expensive, 4 times the cost of interworx and more, based on the number of CPU cores. I’m sorry though, I’m still thinking about medfordite post and will post once I’ve fully thought through.

I hope that helps a little and this is just my opinion.

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With regards to KVM, I’m guessing Shyuan refers to Kernel Based VirtualMachine, rather than a KVM switch. Others on here are using Proxmox for their InterWorx instances, which uses KVM, and report good performance with no problems. We’re in the process of switching to this too. I’m not going to tempt fate by revealing the results of our pre-testing before we’ve actually gone live ;).

R1Soft CDP is now Idera ServerBackup. We’re using it (have been since it was R1Soft), and can confirm the latest version does indeed work with the plugins. Only downside is the plugins still call it R1Soft. Overall the product can be a bit of a pain in the arse at times, but it does the job well, and is better than any other solutions available to us that integrate with InterWorx. It’s also good value. Just make sure to setup the reporting so you know all is working as expected, and you’re good to go.

CloudLinux is also something many on here use, and swear by. We’ve just moved to CloudLinux, and there are no problems at all. The process was quick, easy and incredibly painless, and the support from both InterWorx and CloudLinux is fantastic. So far we’re seeing major stability improvements on our systems, and being honest things were already pretty damn good to start with!

CloudFlare has been something we offered for quite a while now. The InterWorx integration of it works perfectly, and the service is a great help to many of our clients. Another product that integrates with InterWorx and just does exactly what it says on the tin.

We have looked at Litespeed, but so far haven’t seen the need to move. Perhaps someone else will be along shortly to advise on that aspect.

Hope this is of some help.


Thank you John and Jon for responding to my question. Yes Jon you are right, I was referring to the virtualisation’s KVM instead of the switch. :slight_smile: