Learn Ham/Spam email reports

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas why this email would not be sent?

I have one domain with one person that says they aren’t getting the report, but the others are.

The report is only sent on days that messages have been trained - that is, days that messages were put in the Learn Spam and/or Learn Ham folders. That might explain it, if they’re expecting to receive the message daily without doing any training.


He said he has not received any. Not sure if he is just missing something since other user on the same domain get them. I guess Ill just have to login to his webmail and see exactly what he is doing.

I tried putting one email in Learn Ham yesterday on a test account on the same domain and I got no email report. Im trying putting 1 email in Learn Spam today and see what I get tomorrow. This report is daily or weekly?

Well I got the message for the 1 in the Spam folder. So maybe it doesn’t send it everyday or only for message in Learn Spam and not Learn Ham?