Learn Spam folder functionality for POP accounts

I recently moved over to IW. On my previous server I had the ability to forward email to a special account that was in essence the “Learn Spam” folder under Spam Assassin. Does IW offer something similar. My POP clients need to have some way to move spam around for training without having to log into WebMail (face it people are lazy and won’t do it).

Hi SoccerGuy3 - unfortunately the only way for a user to train spam currently is to either use an IMAP client (instead of pop3) or login to webmail as you suggest. I’ll log a feature request though.


POP support please!

SoccerGuy, it really doesn’t have anything to do with lazy. If they are POP accounts they probably aren’t (or shouldn’t) be leaving copies of e-mail on the server after they pull. They wouldn’t be able to move them around in said situation. :slight_smile:

I think the recommended method of handling this would be domain and global spam/ham addresses that e-mails can be forwarded to.