Left 4 Dead?

Anyone here play Left 4 Dead? I just bought it over the weekend and I have to admit that while the single player mode leaves a bit to be desired, the multi-player more than makes up for it.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it working in Wine very well so I had to boot back into Windows to play it. :frowning:

Never played the game but I know the pain of having to boot into a partition just for Windows games. :rolleyes:

I’m in the process of moving all my data around and reformatting my NTFS drives to ReiserFS (it’s a killer file system :D). NTFS has failed me too many times and I am really getting tired of trying to get Ubuntu to play nice with them. Basically my long term plan is to use Linux for everything and have a 120GB partition on one of my drives for Windows stuff, so this way I’ll only be booting into Windows to play games and do my taxes. :stuck_out_tongue:

NTFS in Linux is…dicey. It’s fine for read-only, but I’ve found that even updating atimes and mtimes can leave it in a state that Windows can’t manage.

And hell, for taxes, surely Wine can manage something, right?

Im up for playing if you like :slight_smile:

Everybody knows this game is awesome. If ya don’t think so, my opinion will not change your mind. However, this game is super fun and exciting and re-playable. I’ve owned it on three platforms and I think the steam version is the best. Tons of workshop content. Ok, there ya go. I reviewed it! Yay!

I bought Left 4 Dead 1+2 last week ago, there players online anytime i connected and there a helpful players, i enjoy it

Yes, I played it much time but not I am facing too workloads so I don’t have time for it now.