Lets's encrypt SSL for server name?


Is it possible to generate and use a Let’s encrypt SSL certificate for the server name, to avoid browser issues :rolleyes:


Hi nico

Yes, I think nearly all IW use LE for server

It?s simple to do, and autorenews

Let?s say your server FQDN is myserver.url

So you first create a siteworx account for myserver.url

You make sure all DNS for myserver.url is pointed at the IW server IP address- this is because LE requires the ssl records to point to the same server

You login to the siteworx for myserver.url

Goto hosting, domains, ssl (if not seen in list, you need to edit siteworx for myserver.url to enable ssl from nodeworx siteworx)

Generate all using LE

Highlight all for myserver.url ie mail.myserver.url ftp.myserver.url etc and then generate

It takes a few seconds and you should see it go green and list ssl

Logout of siteworx and login to nodeworx, server,ssl

Click change all and choose option use siteworx account ssl

Select mydomain.url and click save and restart services I think from memory

This then sets the LE for myserver.url and will renew LE when due

You can add change or remove as you wish or buy a paid SSL or self generate

Hope that helps

Many thanks


Oh this is really cool because on some of my other web host accounts, Lets Encrypt is not available at all and nearly all my clients want a SSL on their website.

Hi John,
It seems I could try to generate a server certificate if I am able to add a TXT record with TTL=1 in my server dns zone, but how I do this as I have no idea where to find it for the server?
Kind regards,

Hi nico

You could try generate an LE SSL I assume you mean but there is no need to

If you follow my post above and create a siteworx account called the same as your server FQDN, it is easier and auto renews

However, if you need to add a record to server FQDN then it would be from system services, dns zones. If not listed there, you can add a zone for server FQDN

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks


Hi John,
I was to fast :slight_smile: in short.
Created the siteworx account with the host name :slight_smile:
Logged in the siteworx account created the ssl with LE, logged out.
Then in nodeworx, Server, SSL Certificates, Update Service certificates and selected Certificate Source as Domain, Certificate from: server name account , restart services ticked.

Many many thanks.

Hi nico

Glad you got it

Many thanks


Hi All,
Here is my in more details in how to set-up Let’s Encrypt for your server name.

  • Enable in Nodeworx, Plugins, Let’s encrypt.

  • In Siteworx create a small package for a new SSL user.

  • Package Name: serverSSL

  • Set as default: NO
    Package Features:

  • 1024mb space

  • unlimited bandwidth

  • All other options 0
    Package Options:

  • enable all Package options.
    Package PHP-FPM Settings:

  • Leave as default

  • In siteworx create user account with server name as domain name, use the small package.

  • Siteworx, Accounts, Add Siteworx Account.

  • Master domain: server.domain.tld

  • Package Template: your new package for the SSL.

  • Softaculous Plugin Options: NO

  • Login Siteworx user and generate the SSL certificate for the server hostname only, not those other options.

  • Create a DKIM and SPF record.

  • In Nodeworx, Server, SSL Certificates, select option: Update Service Certificates, select Certificate source, choose Domain.

  • Certificate from hostname, tick all services, Restart all services, YES, SAVE!

  • Logout, clear cache, login again.

*** Done.

Enjoy Interworx