lib and lib64 : sendmail pbm (and imap)


We have a box with 64 bits bn, os, …

With Hord when we try to send an email we have this message :
“Error when sending this message : sendmail [/usr/lib/sendmail] not executable”

sendmail is in /usr/lib64/ and not in /usr/lib/

Is it ok to symlinls /usr/lib64/sendmail to /usr/lib/sendmail ?

We also encounter some pbms with imap.

When we connect to squirrelmail we always have :
ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server. Query: EXAMINE “INBOX.Trash”

And it is impossible to open an other dir (sent, trash, …)

Under hord when we clic on an other dir then inbox we are disconnected and have to reconnect.

Any idea ?


Is it ok to symlinls /usr/lib64/sendmail to /usr/lib/sendmail ?

Yes, thatj’s fine Pascal and the RPM should have done this for you. I’m going to check out your ticket to see why it didn’t.

I’ll check out the imap issue when I look at your ticket on this matter.


I have same trouble with horde.
I use 64 bit machine, just ahve trouble with sendmail using horde, same error.

I create symlink and problem fixed.

Pascal some recomendation?

You find other troubles iwth 64 bit os?

I just have this toruble at this moment.