Licence pricing logic


By looking at the price page, I suppose prices are for support and update, correct ?

For example if you choose the Quarterly package for $74.95 then stop the subscription, you won’t have support and updates anymore but :

  • the software is still working on the server
  • you can re activate subscription later on and benefit again of support and updates.

Is it the actual licence logic ?

Hi Kynao,

Actually the quarterly package you mention is for leasing InterWorx. While the lease is active you’ll have access to the software, updates and support, but if the lease is terminated then you won’t have access to any of them.

It is possible to purchase a license outright, which is what it seems like you’re looking for. A purchased license is $294.95 and comes with six-months of support. After that time is up the software will still work, but you won’t be able to receive support for it unless a support contract extension is purchased ($50/6-months).

To see all the info about purchased one-time licenses, just scroll down a little more on the Buy Now page -


Yes no more updates and support as i mentionned but we can still use the software and when we need update and support again, we re activate the susbcription, no ? Imagine you don’t use interworx one month and you have x subscriptions, you would pay x times for something you don’t use ?

Difficult for one person budget, especially with several computers. Do you have resellers partners proposing competitive prices on interworx vm editions ? I’m interested to use interworx with openvz.

Yes, this is the link i provided in my first post.

Hi Kynao,

If you’re leasing InterWorx and then didn’t pay for a month, the license would be shut off – the subscription isn’t for support and updates, it’s for the software itself.

There are resellers offering VM licenses of InterWorx – to see a full listing of our resellers, take a look at the reseller partner page:


Yes i saw this list.
I didn’t see some selling VM licenses. Are there some ?

It’s not our place to recommend one reseller over another. However, if you google “InterWorx VPS License”, you’ll find some that offer them.

Yes, i will try that, thanks.
Anyway, it’s not about recommending some of the list but just to say what are those in the list that actually sell these licences, so that’s not a recommendation but an information.

By searching google, i find only 2 resellers, they have the same look & feel and the same price so i presume they’re the same people.
More important : it’s about leasing and not selling.