License Hooks

The site says, if you are transderring a license between servers, the license needs to be deactivated by the support team and reactivated on the new server.

My question is, what is the license hooked, or 'bound, to. IP, HOSTNAME, etc…

IE can i take a server… install it at the office on the internal network… activate it… get it all setup for the client and ready to go… and then take it down to the NOC and drop it in on a new IP and it will work? or does this change of IP address or possibly even of the hostname if the client hasnt given us the hostname at the time of installation constitute a change of ‘server’ and therefore make it unpractical to do the install in this order.

Any insight in this regard would be very helpful… thanks…

I believe the determining factor will be IP, however it may be a combination of both IP & Hostname.

It may be as worth dropping Interworx a support ticket, where you can freely specify domains, IP’s and license keys etc :slight_smile:


Given the scenario you provided, you would need to change the IP the license is bound to by logging into When you buy/bought your license, you will receive login information for From there, you can change the IP of an already bound license.

Hope that helps,

Perfect… thank you for the information… i have a test license at the moment to learn before we start offereing the panel to our clients… :slight_smile: so … I will test this procedure… and hope it works…

thanks… :slight_smile: