Do somebody know about LicenseCube? I bought a license two months ago, but a week ago they suspended my accout and licence. I got an automatic message that I did not pay my invoice, but it is not true.

I sent support tickets, but I did not get answer for a week. On their homepage InterWorx license is unavailable at now. They may not selling IW license now? Is it an individual problem or has the same somebody?

Unfortunately, we were forced to terminate our reseller arrangement with LicenseCube as of yesterday. There are several other InterWorx resellers who offer only licenses if that’s what you’re looking for. You can see a full list of our reseller partners and hosting options here:

Sorry for the confusion and disruption this has caused. :frowning:

Thank you for your reply I am going to order somewhere tomorrow! Why don’t you sell VPS licenses too? Just interested if it’s public.

Historically we’ve only offered VPS licenses through resellers as a perk of becoming a reseller. :slight_smile:

LicenseCube are a bunch of clowns. Stay well clear.

Look for the thread on WHT about their WHMCS situation last year - quite how they survived that when anyone who got stung had to file chargebacks to be refunded is anyone’s guess.

Best place to buy InterWorx is InterWorx. That way you get their amazing support, and the peace of mind that you won’t be messed around.

Hope this helps.


Yes, it would be the best to buy VPS license directly from InterWorx, but the don’t offer it as Brett wrote.

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As far as I can tell there is only one company that sells bare vps licenses (cmssonic, who posted above) – bare meaning not paired up with a vps plan; I have a server I want and like already. Licensing from an international (to me) company, whose hours are significantly offset from my own… not sounding fantastic, since they need to be front-line support.

It’s kind of a bummer because I started using interworx and now the licensing option I was expecting isn’t a great option anymore… so I have to either pay more for an interworx license ($25) than I would for a cpanel vps license ($15) or lose a few weeks of work. Ugh.

Even if iworx only wanted to offer longer-term vps licenses (eg, only sell 1-year licenses) that’d be a huge relief. Or if there was more availability from resellers (I checked all the listed resellers that are in english).

Hello Evijim,
can you post via email or PM, what you need , maybe we can help you, you can see our price also from our sales page

I dont thing our price to high, we try give our best and give greet sport as we can,

we hope will be soon more company who offers only license.

We can offers also whit vps plan or whit server plans but its not good for our company charakter. thats why we have change our license panel to be for we have offers license from but its look like we offers whit vpsplan or server plan thats why we use now its only license and its easy to find license be for to much search on page wher is it ?!

if any one not happy whit our service or our system can write to us, we like to hear also - and + point-

CMSsonic Int. Cooperation Germany

Hi eviljim – Following the release of 5.0, we’re going to do some re-evaluation of our licensing structure, and I’ll definitely bring your thoughts to the table. :slight_smile:

I was attracted to make my first post because I saw the thread title. Like hacman said, LicenseCube is… :slight_smile: I have had extremely short and terrible experience with them. I left them on the second day after leasing a license from them. :banghead:

Just wondering did you get your money back from them?

I think I did, haha otherwise I will “always remember” about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s good news then :slight_smile: as long as you got your money back, else I would of been livid myself.