Lightspeed module issue

[B]Today i was looking modules in nodeworx i click on lightspeed extention but it didnt inststall all is ok till now. Then i click on web server and i start to get this error.


[B]System Error

[B]A system error has occurred. Please try your request again in a few minutes.
If the problem persists, please contact Support.

How can i fix it ? If John answers this question you know login details :slight_smile:
But isnt this weird error? if i install i can understand but by clicking lightspeed just this occur.

Hi dolla

Iā€™m sorry I think you are not understanding the nodeworx plugins

The modules like litespeed are there to help once you have purchased a license for litespeed and installed it using litespeed instructions

It is the same for r1soft backup etc, so please be careful enabling plugins for third party software if you have not installed them first

To correct your issue, please disable the litespeed plugin

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Thanks a lot fixed :slight_smile: learning more and more everyday. I love the Interworx. I hope they can add multiple php version by default soon .