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I am evaluating Interworx for a new project, today many users leave all messagges on the server and sometime they just leave unused mailboxes to fill up with spam. Both in Plesk and Cpanel I usually limit the maximum storage size per mailbox, it is also a way to sell mailbox size upgrade as a premium.
Is there a way in Interworx to set an hard limit for mailbox size in the package?

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I guess this is a questions for IW

I do not think there is a package setting as it defaults to unlimited

It maybe a good idea though to have this as a setting to change for package creation

You can edit the mailboxes and define hard limits

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Thanks for your reply John, I can change the value manually in the user siteworx, but it must be done every time a user creates an email and the user may change to unlimited again if he wants. Not very practical IMHO. We have reseller plans with 100GB of space and leaving mailboxes unlimited by default consumes a lot of resources for nothing.
BTW in IW I didn’t find a way to limit the number of email sent per day or per hour or failed mail per hour.

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I believe email limiting is on the road map with IW as it has been posted previously many times. Sorry I could be wrong though but the road map is available on IW website.

I know the mail platform used may change at some point but there is no time scales.

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It is not possible to set a mailbox size globally for all mailboxes on a SiteWorx account in the account package. Only per account within SiteWorx, like John described. Though I can submit a feature request–no guarantee or ETA, though.

Rate limiting is not possible at this time, though, as John stated, we are going to be making some changes away from qmail this year. As we are under a parent company, there were discussions higher up about what service we should use, and it took a bit of time for them to decide. I don’t have a specific goal date right now, but I do know it is on the list for 2021. And that there is already an open feature request for rate limiting, which is known to be something that many customers want.

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Thsnks, including the size limit in the package could be useful to many hoster I think. For rate limiting I think you mast switch to postfix or ensim. I’ve seen a message dated 2020 in web hosting talk that the road map 2020 included switch to postfix, but probably other priorities arised