Limited edition

The limited edition would have the purpose to allow the developer to build added values to Interworx or link his applications to Interworx without buying a licence or buy a hosting plan for just that purpose.

Just a suggestion, not really sure how that should be managed, maybe like Parallel does with Plesk which is free for one domain and 1 email.

Interworx did used do a Single Domain license, but it looks like it has been dropped now in favour of a 2 week unlimited license.

I see. Hummm, that won’t be confortable but yep installing a 2 week unlimited license each 2 weeks…argh that will be daunting and laborious :slight_smile: but if it’s the only solution, it’s still the start of a happy face :slight_smile:

Interworx Authorized resellers have access to VPS licenses (which aren’t available directly) so cost wise you could get a cheap Interworx VPS to develop against if you wished.

If you wanted something UK based, let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks EveryGoodIdeas :slight_smile:
I’ve just contacted you through your web site.