Listing blocked/allowed IPs?

I’ve noticed that the NodeWorx API doesn’t have a call for listing allowed/blocked IPs, but only to set these parameters with the allowDenyIps call from /nodeworx/firewall. Does anyone know where does InterWorx keep a list of those addresses and a log of when they’ve been added?

Hi grep

I hope I’ve understood your post correctly, and these would be recorded in the apf folder, as it is firewall.

I think from memory, they are also shown for newly added ip in logs, nodeworx, server, logs, system, apf

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Thank you @d2d4j. I wanted to ask because I’m looking for timestamps in such a log file.
For anyone stumbling upon this thread, the location of the apf log file should be /var/log/apf_log, or can be grepped from /etc/apf/conf.apf, it’s assigned to the variable LOG_APF.