listserve, majordomo

I’d really like to see mailing list management :slight_smile:

We sure think alike. :slight_smile:

Majordomo hasn’t been developed for like 5 years so it’s probably not a good idea to use that and Lyris Listserve is Windows only, IIRC.

Mailman, on the other hand:

This has been discussed before and following the instructions above will get you a functional install. I’m sure someone will figure out how to write an interface for it and maybe they will be supported (eventially).

Of course if all you want is the ability to mail something to all of your clients then that’s on their to do list as a SiteWorx News module (similar to how Sago puts messages in our nodeworx only with email functionality).

There are also any number of free web based mailing list managers that could be integrated as well.


Shows you how long its been since I considered running a mailing list :slight_smile:

Anyway, installing it is great, and I may do that at some point, but I’d really like to have it tied in to InterWorx. E-mail groups just don’t cut it :slight_smile:

Agreed, email groups work well for small groups and were only meant for this purpose. ezmlm integration will make it in.



I was looking for a mailinglist for interworx. I found this post after searching.

My question:
Is it a fact that InterWorx-CP 3.0 will have a mailinglist (ezmlm or an other mailinglist)?

If so, then I can stop searching and wait patiently for the next release :slight_smile:

phpList is going to be in. :slight_smile:

The next version of ScriptWorx will have phpList available. This is an outgoing mailing list php script with all the bells and whistles you expect in this kind of thing.

As for mailman, no, it won’t be integrated into InterWorx in 3.0 but you can manually install it yourself without breaking anything.

I have it running on my personal server and it works just find :smiley:

OK, great!

You never need to integrate mailman. It has got an unfriendly user interface. May be people could say it is powerful; I haven’t used it.

And as an end-user I don’t like the mailman UI.
Anybody feels like me? :slight_smile: