locally test a demo?

was wondering if there was a way to test the interworx suite locally, before purchasing a license. like Plesk offers. something to make sure everything will work before purchasing a license to find out it wont work like you need it to.

not sure it will suite your needs, but you have a demo here : http://interworx.info/demos.php

for my part, I’m very pleased to use it. It’s a great panel.



We can set you up a temp license key if you want to get the software installed and working locally. Just open a ticket if you’d like and we can set things up.


You see genesisrage, this answer is a perfect example (one among so much of others) which illustrates well why I adore interworx. Their teams are always available and ready to help.

ditto that!

ditto ???

hmmm does it mean something as ‘same’ or ‘like’ ???

more like “me too, me too!” only less childline :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response, I would get a ticket started, but I do not have my new server yet. Actually thought that I would get my server before getting a response, but as everyone else has said, you guys Rock!

Thanks for your time!

Genesis Rage

genesisrage - In the mean time, play around w/ the demo at:

If more companies had support like here, i wouldnt hate them soooooo much :slight_smile:
(M$ and Macromedia, this means you!!!)

Thank you


Thank you for your comments and continued support of InterWorx and its team. Who knows, if we become as big as Microsoft or Macromedia, you might hate us, too. But that is a remote possibility.


IWorx-Bojan - :smiley: