Location of InterWorx GIF images?

As I am frequently working on the road, using a wireless modem on my laptop computer, I want to reduce the size of all the InterWorx GIF button, so the page loads faster.

My question is where are these images located (stored)?

I can not seem to find them. This is what I see when I get the location from IE:


Not sure exactly how to use the “find” command via SSH, but I tried and failed to find it that way.


Find it:


Nice find.

I’ll be sure to run these through ImageReady and compress the sizes down.

If anyone is interested I can take all the images and put them in a ZIP file so that people can download them.

I just got done optimizing the InterWorx GIF images.

I took 90 files at a total of 156,944 bytes and brought them down to a total of 149,859 bytes.

Not a huge bandwidth savings but there’s no loss in image quality. If anyone wants to handle the JPEGs (with no quality loss) please do so and let me know where I can get them.

The GIFs are available at http://www.shortconsulting.com/interworx-gifs.zip

Just dump them into /home/interworx/nodeworx/html/images/interworx and you’re all set.