Logout inconsistence/bug?!?

When your in siteworx on an account(site) and click logout, it brings you back to nodeworx and lists your first 10 sites.

I think clicking logout from the filemanager within an account used to do the same, but now it really does log you out, instead of brining you back to nodeworx listing your first 10 sites.

Speaking of the first 10 sites. That set number has been a source of irritation for some time! Why is it that suddenly after one of the last few updates, that when I enter “%” to list all and go to an siteworx account, and then logout - now it only lists 10 sites? It used to remember my setting, in this case all “%”!

Even better how about a nodeworx preference area, where one setting could be the default number of sites to list?

What would be better is an option to HARD set it to show 10,20,30,50 or ALL every time you log in :wink:

Yes, this would be a great way of setting this up.

Are you guys taking about the nodeworx homepage? In which case not everybody want to see that immediately after they login.

But the desired homepage can be part of my suggested “preference” area, where you can set the homepage, number of sites listed, etc.

I remember way back when I suggested to add the drop down to list more than 10 which they added, but I agree I would be nice to have more control over this, but it really isn’t that big of a deal and isn’t as important as other things they are working on so…

[SIZE=2]Hmmm this is not a bug I have run into in IE or Firefox, it always remembers my settings, unless, I clear my cache and cookies but that is hardly Interworx fault. I agree that it would be nice to have a settings/preferences page to set things like that though. [/SIZE]

Ehh is it just me or have the Interworx crew COMPLETE IGNORED this bug report?!?

Hallo anybody home?

Thanks for the report, sorry for the delay. :frowning: We did recently change how we handle our sessions and logging in and out in general, so the Fileman logout may have been affected. We’ll look into it.

As for the pagination, one of the things on our todo list for a future release is better, more consistent pagination across our entire InterWorx-CP interface, so your comments here are noted and appreciated.


Ehh is it just me or have the Interworx crew COMPLETE IGNORED this bug report?!?

Hallo anybody home?

haha, RWF, long time no post!! :):slight_smile: