Look for InterWorx-CP in Ping! Zine

We took out an ad in the upcoming Ping! Zine (they are being sent out the 17th I believe) so be sure to grab your copy and check us out :).

If you’re unfamiliar with Ping! Zine it’s a web hosting magazine (basically a trade mag) and their site is http://pingzine.com. Subscriptions are free (last I checked).

Let us know what you think!


Oh…don’t worry. I signed up today! :wink:

Me too!

And down the road, I may order some of the back issues as well. Judging from the previews they have, this looks like a very nice and well put together magazine.


Just to be complete. It’s only free for North American citizens.

9.95$ per issue for others

Well why not ?!?


I’m assuming it’s due to shipping costs squalito, as they are U.S. based.


Shipping costs

It should not cost $9.95 to send a magazine, should it? In reality, it should be $2-3. Sorry about that, Pascal.