Looking for Guidance as to the best way to move to new hardware...

Good morning.

I’ve posted this to a support ticket, but as I hadn’t heard back I thought I’d get some thoughts from the Community.

I’m currently running the Interworx software on an older unit running CentOS 4.6. Everything is working wonderfully, however I’m looking to upgrade to some newer hardware and at the same time upgrade to CentOS 5.1. The question I have for you is what’s the best method of moving everything from one unit to another that will cause the least interruption to my customers?

Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


Phil Malmstrom

Hi Phil,
was in the same situation and here are the steps we performed (if I recall correct).

  • Install new hardware and load with new OS
  • Set temporary IP adress on new server
  • Install Iworx-CP on new server with temp license (request from support)
  • Shutdown ftp, smtp access to old server from outside
  • Did a mass transfer from old server to new server from within IWorx-CP (worked perfect by the way)
  • Change the IP on old server
  • Change the IP on new server to old server IP.
  • Install the active license on new server

Downtime for customers was minimal I think. Only smtp delays for the time of the backup/mass transfer.


Kind of what I thought…

Hi tsl, and thanks for the reply.

That’s kind of where my head was, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the validation!

I still haven’t heard from the Interworx guys (which is really odd… They’re usually VERY responsive) so I really appreciate your assistance.

Take care.

Phil Malmstrom