Looking for Guidance for how to set up WebDAV on a domain...

Good morning all.

I’m looking at what it will take to enable WebDAV functionality on one of the Siteworx domains, and was hoping someone has done it and could provide me a starting point. I did notice the modules are loaded and active in the Apache page, but I’m not sure where to go from here without making it active for all domains.

Any help would be appreciated!

Phil Malmstrom

Hi Phil,

I’m just checking in, did you get WebDAV going? If so anything you can share about the experience?



Hi Paul.

Actually, no… I never did try to move forward on that project. As no one here seemed to have any insight on the process and I was unsure as to what else I might be affecting by tinkering I chose not to proceed.

At some point, I am planning on trying to get it moving forward on a test box to see what’s entailed in making it work. When I get there, I’ll post my results.

Take care.

Phil Malmstrom