Lost menus in nodeworx

Problem: When logging in to nodeworx I only have a few menu items - these:
NodeWorx Home
* User Accounts
* Themes
* API Key
* Accounts
* Packages
* Backup / Restore
* Import
o Single Account
o Mass Transfer
System Services
* DNS Server
o Overview
o Zones
Bandwidth History Logout

What I’ve done: I installed CentOS 5.0 (netinstall) and updated it, not changing default yum repos.
Then I installed Interworx with demo-license, everything worked fine, all menu-items present at this time.
I fooled around a bit - added a reseller and a domain, installed egroupware etc. - and decided to buy it.
Next day I booted up this testserver, logged in w ssh & synced the new license, logged in as nodeworx master - and voila!
2/3 of the menus are missing!
No script worx, no resellers, only DNS in system services etc.
There’s nothing in Interworx logs or /var/log/messages.
So what’s going on?
Logging in with siteworx account everything seems to be ok.

System status:
InterWorx-CP Version:       InterWorx-CP v3.0.3 [Unlimited Domain]
SiteWorx Accounts:     1 / Unlimited Used
Distribution:     CentOS release 5 (Final)
Operating System:     Linux 2.6.18-8.el5xen (SMP)
CPU:     [2x] 3200.24Mhz Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz (1024 KB Cache)
System Memory:     464.00 MB

To try to fix it I decided to remove interworx and reinstall.
First try no go, deleting the interworx-directories installation went fine - but now there is no “goiworx.pex” anywhere on the server, so I can’t get it up and running!

There is one thing that I did: With new license synced, I logged in and changed the name of the master administrator.
Unfortunately I don’t know if the menus were lost before that, but definitely directly after.
Could that be the cause?

And then next problem, how do I get Interworx back, now that no installation will give me any .pex-file?
Maybe I’ll reinstall CentOS (a bit of a hazzle since that server is in a server hall), don’t know when I’ll have the time for that though.

Has this been resolved yet?

I found no way to fix it, so I formatted and reinstalled CentOS + Interworx, now everything works just fine.

I think what happend was that changing the name of the master administrator resulted in no master admin at all. The menus I had were exactly the same as for a reseller.
This is just a guess, I will not try to recreate it!
Maybe someone can try on a test-server - if I am right then it mustn’t be possible to change the name of master admin.