Magento Rsync Backup / Cron Job / SSH, Need High-Level How-To's

OK, my apologies in advance if this gets a little wordy. I’m setting up a new Magento 1.9 store. Let’s go with Right now there’s scripts from a previous employee that create automatic backups of the html folder, and another for the database, and they run every 4 hours, apparently via Cron Job.
The data I’ve been finding is going in circles. So here’s hoping this helps anybody in the same situation.
On the siteworx cpanel, I’ve scheduled the cron via the Cron tab. But there’s files in Magento that I’m not sure what to do with/about such as cron.php and
So can we go for a high level overview?
I need to set it up so that it goes from to The shell user on the rsync backup is not the same as the shell user on the website, which could be related I’m not sure. From what I gather it’s along the lines of using puTTY commands similar to "shelluser1@domain1 //copy file code which I need a sample of // directory " and some manner of inserting the log in and password info into a .sh file. Emailing support didn’t get me far due to paperwork and “authorization” issues, so I’m asking the same generic question here hoping for better results.
The big questions, do the files like and cron.php have anything to do with this? If so, how do I configure them? If not, do I have to create my own .sh and .php files accordingly? Same follow up. I have the relevant file paths and server SSH logins etc, generic fillers like the above are plenty to work with.
Question 2, basic high level steps if anyone doesn’t mind just listing them. For example, step1: schedule a Cron job on the siteworx or nodeworx cpanel, step2: create a .sh file here, insert this code, step 3: do this, etc. It’s such a weird combination of paperwork, admin settings, and Linux commands I’m not really sure where to start or go from there when I do, as none of them appear to be step 0.
At this point anything at all is more helpful than google, bing, or yahoo as far as an outline of what needs to be done and how, so much thanks in advance to anyone who can help point me in the right direction!

Hi arron

There are few things which come to mind, but as it’s a long post, I need to digest it’s content more sorry, but

interworx is not cpanel

Cron job for magenta are not the same cron jobs for IW

You can set scheduled backup from the siteworx account directly - if enabled ofcourse, and if enabled, you could set sftp/FTP to external system

You could set rsync seperately and have it just rsync that siteworx account as you need - there’s good posts on the forum for this

I’m sorry if the above are obvious but as I said, I’ll need to digest your post first

Many thanks


Honestly that clears up a couple miles of minor questions helping me sort what’s what and where, so hopefully I can at least narrow the search a bit. Thanks for that!