Mail delivery errors - smarthosts

Well, since yesterday afternoon the one client I have which has been configured to relay mail to their own internal mail server via iworx as smarthost has stopped working. I’ve checked my configuration. Nothing has changed. I would suggest at this point that the method(s) used to create a relay/smarthost setup for a siteworx account should be clearly defined in both the CP and here. There is no reason smarthosting should have quit out of the blue. (Even if there were an update. One should not have to worry about the random unannounced updates affecting such a setup.) So, it seems a recent update has affected smarthosting. Today’s mystery update has not fixed it.

Who is with me in thinking smarthosting configuration options should be added to the iworx cp? (The remote mail settings do NOT work for this as smarthosted clients are sometimes connected to the smarthost via non-routable IPs for various reasons. Thus the way remote mail is currently configured with the remote server being specified as the mx record does not work well for smarthosts.)