Mail delivery problems.

I need to follow a mail message through to local delivery. I can see it in send/current but where does it go from there.

send/current will give you an indication of whether the message was delivered successfuly or not. Assuming it’s a normal pop3/imap e-mail box, the message file would be located at /home/user/var/domain/mail/boxname/Maildir/new.

Is that what you wanted to know or do you need something different?

What is the sequence of log files I would need to go through to fully trace a message from the first smtp answer through spamassasin/clam etc.
I had a delivery problem for a domain that looked like it was a successfully accepted at send/current but never got local delivery (the local delivery entries did not show up in send/current).


Did you check in /var/qmail/controls/rcpthost and morercpthost if the local domain is set in one of these files ?

About log you can check
/var/log/send/current and