mail forwarding issues


I am managing a website and email server that has been set up using site works control panel.

I have set up a number of mail groups that used to work but I am now having problems with them.

e.g. =>[INDENT=6][/INDENT]

Each of these name.surname addresses are either mail boxes or aliases.

I have 44 groups set up, 68 aliases and 12 mailboxes.

If I send an email to a group it now only seems to get to some of the intended recipients. and not just the first few on the list. It appears to be a random number of them.

Can anyone explain to me why?


Hi Davidhardman
Welcome to IW forums.
Do you have access to nodeworx admin or just siteworx as a user
What version of IW are you using and what is the server distro
Are any of the mailbox near capacity for space used
If you have access to nodeworx admin, are there any errors shown in the mail logs
Many thanks

just siteworx as a user.

Web Hosting Control Panel v5.0.18? InterWorx L.L.C. 2015

the biggest is 69% of 500MB so not big

I don’t have nodeworx admin access. I have asked the developer of the site for help but as his work is voluntary for us I was looking to see if I could find a solution myself.


Hi david
Many thanks.
I would think your best move would be to contact your hosting provider whom could look into it for you.
This is because you post that some receive the email whilst others do not, therefore deduction made is that your email is working, and therefore the issue has to lie higher up then your access level, where the provider will have access to more detail in order to diagnose/resolve.
Many thanks