Mail log - auto whitelist error


I have a lot of error messages in the maillog.

Nov 30 18:25:34 iw01 spamd[2424]: auto-whitelist: sql-based get_addr_entry|none: SQL error: Table ‘iworx_spam.awl’ doesn’t exist.

What is the problem with it? Please help me to find out…



Hi wakelite

The error is as shown, and you have a table missing

I personally would open a support ticket (don’t forget to open remote support and let IW know it has been activated for remote support), due to missing tables.

Out of curiosity, do you run a different MySQL (sorry the name has slipped my mind), as I have seen this before and the update to MySQL did not implement new schema, but it was an easy fix to repair schema.

As I said though, given the importance of that db, I would open a support ticket to be sure it is corrected fully

Many thanks



I’ve opened a new support ticket.

Yes, we have upgraded the mysql and PHP on the server… Maybe this is the problem.

Thank you for the quick reply!