Mail message size?

I want to check and adjust the outgoing (sending) message size of emails, i know in Nodeworx you can adjust incoming message size but i don’t see a option for outgoing.
What is the default setting?
Thank you

Hi bear

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That’s a good question which I do not know the answer too

I think it is default unlimited and relies upon the receiving mail server to refuse if it exceeds their receiving limits. However I stress I could be entirely wrong sorry

I know IW will be on soon but if not I will drop them a pm

Many thanks



As far as I am aware, there is not any kind of setting for that. I dropped the question into the dev chat to double check, though, so I’ll let you know what I find out.


While InterWorx cannot filter the outgoing (sending) message size, I think a 3rd party plugin might. Maybe take a look at Magic Spam.


One of the devs thought he may have found a qmail option for setting outgoing size limitations, but, unfortunately, after I tested it, it only affects incoming. :frowning: It seems, like rate limiting, that is not something qmail likes. Sorry!


Just thought i would ask and thank you for your time in looking for something to help.
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