Mail not working for secondary domains

I have a VPS running IW on CentOS 4.8. One of the sites I run uses a .net as the primary domain name, but also has .com and .org variants parked on to it as secondary domains.

According to everything I’ve read on this site, mail sent to secondary domain names should be handled just as if it was sent to the primary domain. This is not what is happening with this site. When I checked /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts, neither the .com or the .org was listed. I added them manually, but I don’t know qmail well enough to know what else needs to be done.

I’d like to move to using the .org name as the one we use in our marketing, as we are a non-profit organization. We had lost this name for a while when the domain registration lapsed, but we recently reclaimed it. Email is an important part of our Internet presence, so getting mail working on the .org domain is a critical part of this transition.

So, what needs to happen to get mail working on these two existing secondary domains? Also, what can I do to ensure that secondary domains that I may add in the future will get added to qmail properly?

Thanks for your help.


Your post is slightly contradictory… have you put the extra domains in as POINTER DOMAINS or SECONDARY DOMAINS?

POINTER DOMAINS: they’ll be an exact mirror of what you have in your main domain. Email is mirrored, the site content loads the same etc.

SECONDARY DOMAINS: are treated as entirely seperate domains and will not replicate settings as per your requirements, but do let you serve different content and have different settings from the main domain.

It sounds like you want these settings up as Pointer Domains, not secondary domains.

More info;

Sorry, I confused the terminology. I added the additional domains as pointer domains. They serve the same web content but do not accept any email.