I have a directory named 0 (Zero) inside /home/domain/var/mail and some of the domains users and their Maildirs are inside that directory. Does anyone know why/how that might happen??

Hi Zarthan,

This is normal, and it happens when you have a lot of email users. The vpopmail system automatically sets up these numbered hash directories when it deems there are too many accounts in the main mail directory. It does this for performance reasons.


How do I have duplicate names in both the “0” and the non zero directories?
I did a mass transfer and everything did appear to transfer but two users did not see their email. I found it in the “0” directory. That would probably mean that the account on the new server was pointed to the non “0” directory while on the old server it was pointed to the “0” directory. Is there a config file that I can see on the server that shows me where the server is pointed for a particular user.

~vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -d

That will tell you the directory that is the mail box is configured to use.

Then there is a bug in the mass transfer script. The old server lists the user as being in the “0” directory and the new server lists the user in the non zero directory. The mail actually exists in the “0” directory on the new server.
Is there a a way to change the pointer.

There are quite a few users with incorrect pointers on the new server.

I agree, this is a bug in the import script. Most likely a script will have to be written to move things where they are supposed to be. You can give this a shot, or open a support ticket and we’ll do what we can to help.


The problem at this point is that there is mail in both spots depending on where peoples accounts got created with the structure script. I would open a ticket but I don’t know what someone would do other than guess and I don’t want to loose anything. cp doesn’t seem to like the qmail email files. Any suggestions.

What do you mean cp doesn’t seem to like the email email files?

I was getting a “too many arguments” error when I tried a cp -p * from one directory to another. It works on another directory so it must have been a problem with a single message file.

Is this officially logged as a bug or should I repost it as such.