Mails not arrival to hotmail !! spf ?

I have this spf record v=spf1 a mx ~all

I send mails to hotmail, from pop, and not arrival, i send from webmail and arival like spam.

why this happen?

What spf records my server need for my cuotmer can send mails to hotmail and mails arrival to inbox?

Really strange, i send mail form any account form my server to hotmail, mail not arrival, but if i send mail form hotmail, to my server, and then repply that mail, that repply mail arrival to hotmail without troubles !!

Aditional to spf record i shoudl send the ip of my servers to microsoft?


This is amazing imagine if all providers of webmail start to do this…lol

please dombody can put more info about this?

Its supsed i should open ticket for thsi?

Nobody from any of my servers can send mail to hotmail, mail never arrival !!